Tips for Maintaining Your Condensate Unit

A steam condensate pump is an important part of a building’s boiler heating system. It is used to improve efficiency in the heating system and reduce potential maintenance issues. After a boiler creates steams that travels through pipes to heat specific parts of the building, that steam cools and becomes condensate. A steam condensate pump feeds that condensate back into the boiler, so it can be reused, saving significantly energy and reducing waste.

However, in order for a steam condensate pump to work correctly, your maintenance staff will need to regularly inspect the system and ensure the pump is in good working order. One question we receive often is whether the pump needs to be lubricated. The answer to that question is no for the most part. The motor bearings will not need any lubrication. However, you will need to check the pump and make sure there isn’t any debris on the unit, controls, and motor.

Additionally, your staff will have to inspect the unit at least once a week to ensure the condensate steam pump is working correctly. It’s important to keep all interior and exterior of the motor and automatic switches free from any moisture, oil, and dirt. Your maintenance team may have to use compressed air to blow out the dirt. It may also make sense to occasionally drain and flush the condensate pump receiver as sediment and pipe scale can form.

Another maintenance requirement will be examining the automatic switches and ensuring the contacts are operating correctly and all terminal connections are tight and not corroded. In addition to that, the mechanical shaft should be checked for any leaks. Any leaking will be visible from under the seal plate. If there is a leakage, the seal surfaces will need to be replaced.

Finally, your staff will need to drain the condensate receiver of water at the end of each heating season. Shutting down for the season will also require your team to close valves in the return line and discharge any piping, the drain receiver, and the pump. Your maintenance team should also cover the motor and switches to prevent any dirt, oil, and moisture from collecting on them. By doing these maintenance steps, your steam condensate pump should enjoy a long and efficient life.

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