Tips for a Welcoming Public Restroom

When designing a public space, it is important not to overlook the quality of the areas where your patrons "do their business" within your business. You'll want them to feel comfortable and clean in the environment that you create, without you having to spend a fortune. We're not saying you'll need to invest in shag carpet and fancy lotion dispensers; just a few small changes can dramatically improve any user experience in your facilities. Here are some things you can do:

Insist on Cleanliness and Maintenance

The easiest way to let a bathroom get out of control is to neglect cleaning it on a regular basis. The number of cleanings per day will depend on the amount of foot traffic entering your building every day. Once a day may be enough in most places, but may not cut it in busy mall or similar area; develop a maintenance system and checklist for your restroom and implement it immediately. Be sure your cleaning staff is trained properly and has plenty of quality supplies to keep the stalls and general area well stocked and sanitized. Following these simple guidelines on a regular basis is the #1 way to achieve a pleasant bathroom environment.

Add a Pop of Color

Avoid plain, drab colors when designing your bathroom. If you have a neutral floor, pick an accent color for the wall. Even a simple touch, such as alternating vases with blue or purple beads inside next to every sink, will give the space a subtle hint of charm. Use the empty wall space to hang decorations or mirrors, and the back of bathroom stalls to display anything related to your business to give it a unique and personal feel. At a loss for ideas? Check out America's top-ranked public bathrooms for some inspiration.

Invest in Design Efficiency

Have you ever walked into a restroom and noticed that there is water all over the sink; it gets on your shirt, and then you spend the next five minutes trying to dry yourself off underneath the hand dryer? Businesses often get it wrong when selecting the function and design of the second most important part of the bathroom experience: getting those germs off your hands. Your water booster system should have the correct amount of pressure, and you'll want to make sure that the shape of the basin allows the water to hit at an angle that allows it to flow down the drain (not splash all over the counter). This will also save you money in wasted paper towels and excess water usage.

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