Three Causes of Common Boiler Problems.

Boilers can be one of the most essential, and yet one of the most neglected, parts of the average home.  We need boilers to heat our water and regulate temperatures, but until there is a serious problem we usually let them sit in our basements until we notice that something isn’t right.  Troubleshooting boiler problems can worrisome, usually because people are worried about having to spend a lot of money to correct a problem.  A professional can always help you diagnose your boiler problems quickly, but sometimes the process can go a little faster if you have an idea of what is wrong.  Boiler problems can be a lot more common than you’d think.  If you’re having any of these common boiler problems, one of these issues could be the culprit.

No heat/hot water

This is one of the most common (and noticeable) boiler problems people will experience.  If your water could stand to be a little hotter, it could be because of a variety of problems.  You could have broke diaphragms, airlocks or a boiler feed pump, which can make it more difficult for the boiler to properly heat water.  Issues with the thermostat could be causing your heating problems.  Even the levels of water in your boiler could be causing problems with the heating.

Changes in water pressure

When most people notice problems with water pressure they immediately assume that the problem lies within their shower head.  Calcium and substance build-up is a common cause of changes in water pressure, but sometimes the problem could be within your water boiler.  A water leak in the system can be a common cause of water pressure problems in your home.  Another common cause of pressure problems has to deal with the pressure valve itself.  The pressure valve in your water boiler could need adjusting, or possible replacing.

Strange sounds

Is there anything more alarming than hearing your boiler hiss, whistle, or making banging sounds?  Sounds in your boiler can be troublesome, but sometimes they may be caused by a relatively simple fix.  Air in your system can cause a variety of strange sounds, and sometimes the water pressure itself could be causing the strange sounds.  Pump failure can cause a variety of strange sounds in your boiler.  If you hear a strange rumbling like sound, it could be because of ketteling.  If you have a build up of lime scale in your boiler, you get kittling which can cause a variety of troubling sounds.

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