PRV Water Booster

Product Description

Having a highly customizable water booster is crucial to meeting many organizations’ requirements. That is why we design each of our products in-house to provide complete customer satisfaction. When you purchase one of our PRV domestic water booster pumps, you will receive the most efficient and sturdy booster in the industry. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and testing each domestic water booster in-house, ensuring that it meets the AirFlow Pump quality standards. Most models are available for shipping within 24 hours and are made specifically for your use. Along with many high-quality standard features, such as a 125 PSIG rated pressure tank and Copper L Manifold, we also offer optional features, depending on your needs, including stainless steel manifolds and triplex and quad pump setups. Each home water booster is also available with stainless steel manifolds, a custom control panel, and much more. For other products, such as condensate systems, contact us today. We’ll make sure all of your domestic pump needs are met.

Standard Features:

  • Berkeley closed coupled centrifugal pressure pumps.
  • Duplex control panel with lead/lag, lead selector switch, fusible disconnects, low water cut off, pilot run lights, terminals strip, Hand-Off-Auto switches and circuit transformer.
  • Cla-Val pressure regulating valves.
  • 125 PSIG rated pressure tank.
  • Stratflo or Flomatic check valves.
  • Oil filled pressure gauges.
  • Square D pressure switches.
  • Liquid tight wiring.
  • Copper L manifolds.
  • Steel constructed base.


  • Stainless steel constructed base.
  • Stainless steel manifolds.
  • Wessle's ASME 200 PSIG or 300 PSIG rated pressure tanks.
  • Triplex or Quad pump & control panel setup.
  • Berkeley Multi-Stage pressure pumps.