Condensate Return Pumps & Condensate Systems

Air Flow Pump Corp is an industry leader for industrial grade condensate return pumps. Ranging from 10 gallon condensate systems all the way to 500 gallon systems, each of our condensate systems are built to your specifications ensuring it meets all your needs.

A condensate return pump is an important part of your steam heating system as it is used to collect and return condensate to the boiler. The condensate system is responsible for moving condensate from Point A to Point B and is used by a wide variety of industries for various applications. Most condensate pumps contain centrifugal type pumps and include special controls that de-energize the pump when the water levels in the receiver get low. At Air Flow Pump Corp, we have steam condensate return pumps available in various sizes listed below.

We work with you closely to make sure you have the perfect size condensate system for your project, preventing mistakes and errors from occurring during future use. Since we build every condensate return system made-to-order for each customer in-house, most systems are available for shipping within 24 hours. Our team is always available to discuss your options regarding our condensate systems.

Condensate System Features

  • Each steam condensate return pump is constructed from ¼” & ½”, thick Hot Rolled Steel and is also available made with Stainless steel.
  • Every steam condensate pump is comprised of US Motors; ODP motors are standard with TEFC & Explosion Proof available. John Crane seals and silicon brass impellers are also used in construction for the highest level of quality.
  • We use Square D components in our control panels and for the float switches to guarantee a long lifespan for your condensate system.
  • Each condensate return pump has customizable options in order to provide you with precisely what you need.

For more information about our condensate return pumps, click on their respective size below and you will be able to view their blueprints, performance charts and more.

Condensate Return Pump

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