Water Booster Packages

Air Flow Pump Corp. recognizes that our customers need a pump supplier they can rely on for more than just simple projects. That is why we manufacture water pressure booster systems and domestic water booster pumps in varying sizes to help with your largest and more difficult installations. Our units use Berkeley centrifugal booster pumps ranging from 50 GPM – 1000 GPM & 20 PSIG – 500 PSIG. All of our water pressure booster system units are custom made to meet our customer's requirements.

Core Components

Wessels ASME Pressure Tanks

  • Strataflo spring loaded check valves.
  • Square D pressure components.
  • Yaskawa vfd control panels.
  • Cla-Val pressure regulating valves.

Additional Features

  • Our water booster pumps can be manufactured as Duplex, Triplex, or Quad systems with manifolds ranging from 2" – 8".
  • We also offer all stainless steel systems for customization.
  • Quick manufacturing and shipment of product.
  • Rigorous testing of all water booster pump systems.

Below are our Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) and Variable Flow Demands (VFD) water booster pump systems. Each one comes with a number of standard features, such as a Duplex control panel, liquid tight wiring and more. For more information about each one, check out their individual pages and look at their blueprints to see exactly how they are laid out.

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